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Failed Investment Recovery

If previous attempts have unsuccessfully been made to recover money from problematic property investments overseas then simply contact Judicare - a fresh approach is sometimes what is needed and our experts may well be able to achieve a successful result for you. As property investment recovery specialists, we routinely take on cases that other lawyers have been unable to complete, for whatever reason.

Our expert lawyers are often more appropriately placed and skilled to successfully deal with the highly specific situation that many of these disputes progress to. We deal directly with all the parties involved. Without the language barriers and with extensive regional knowledge of each situation, Judicare are experts in this area; handing the case over to us will save you resources, time, costs - and unnecessary stress!

We understand the guardedness that clients may potentially feel if a previous case has proved unsuccessful. Therefore our free initial assessment is second to none in helping make an informed decision on 'what to do next'. There is no obligation to continue further; if we feel the case is not strong enough then we will advise a client appropriately.

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