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About Judicare

Judicare Legal Services specialises exclusively in problematic overseas property investment.

"As property recovery specialists, we are able to help solve problems that many UK-based law firms are unable to undertake, due to a lack of relevant expertise or local knowledge.

Judicare has the expertise to assist buyers who are experiencing problems with various overseas investments, from real estate to lifestyle purchases. With each individual situation we will conduct a free viability report, along with a legal opinion on the best course of action to resolve your problem and help recover your investment. The viability report allows Judicare to accurately assess the strength of each case, as well as allowing both you and us to make an informed decision on the next step, based on the facts and legitimate recommendations.

We understand how stressful problematic property purchase abroad can be for investors. Our focus is always on making your experience as hassle-free as possible. This is why you will only ever deal with our UK-based team who will be on hand, keeping you informed every step of the way. Judicare prides themselves on a high success rate and will only recommend that you embark on legal proceedings if our initial assessment shows that your case has a strong chance of success."